Oh hai there!

Do you seek a unique dining experience,  pristine drinks and ambience of unusual quality?  Welcome to Yamagen.

Our executive chef Adam Lane offers deep knowledge and impressive Asian culinary credentials.  From his time in Sydney at Sake, Sushi E and Tetsuya’s, Adam has cooked alongside Nobu Matsuhisa at the starred Nobu and shared the bench with David Thompson at London’s Nahm.  He shares his philosophy:

“I love the lightness and delicacy of Japanese cuisine, and I really enjoy the challenge of mixing ingredients that you wouldn’t usually think of putting together – finding the perfect balance of flavours is what keeps our work exciting. I am thrilled to be bringing this to Yamagen and we will constantly be innovating to bring new and exciting dishes to the menu – Yamagen will always excite and challenge the palate.”

Adam Lane, Executive Chef