At Yamagen, indulgence is best paired with whisky and chocolate, so we dedicated an entire month to the iconic duo in April.

The star of the show was an edible chocolate bonsai tree – we loved it, and apparently you did too. So, for the month of June we are bringing back the Yamagen Bonsai. I guess it’s true what they say, ask and you’ll receive.

The Yamagen Bonsai is a blend of Oricao and Li Chi chocolate, hazelnut dacquoise, tonka bean caramel, pear parfait, hazelnut praline, pear compote and 18 carat gold leaf. Served with a full nip of Hibiki 21 Year Old Whisky.

At $200 a dish, this chocolate and whisky masterpiece has to be tasted to be believed. Why not give your tastebuds a sensuous treat by adding a little cacao to the water of life?