At Yamagen, indulgence is best paired with whisky and chocolate.

Give your tastebuds a sensuous treat by adding a little cacao to the water of life. This month, Yamagen will be serving chocolate and whisky pairings alongside a knock-out menu of chocolate infused cocktails and dessert dishes. The star of the show is an edible chocolate bonsai tree served with a rare Japanese Hibiki 21 whisky. At $200 a dish, this chocolate and whisky masterpiece has to be tasted to be believed.

If a traditional pairing is more to your taste, explore Yamagen’s unrivalled collection of Japanese whiskys with a tasting experience. While a good glass of whisky can take some time to savour, pairing it with a serve of chocolate can instantly warm up a beginners palate while also thrilling experienced tasters. The notes of spice and smokiness of the whisky pair perfectly with the varying sweetness and bitterness of chocolate, creating an explosion of exciting flavours.

Yamagen’s dessert menu will also be spiked with chocolate this month with new cocktails and a range of chocolate dishes including a matcha chocolate fondant, a theatrical smoking chocolate cigar and more.

Whisky and chocolate Menu

April 1 – 30, 2021